Tabitha Naylor has had a variety of career experience over the years.  In college, she was a political science business major and was going to business school. She ended up going to Pittsburg and got a job working for PNC Bank in the mortgage department.  Overall, she has worked with start-up and mid-sized companies and companies on NASDAQ.  Also, she has experience in sales which has added to her marketing knowledge. 

Starting Her Business

Her work history took a turn when she decided that she didn’t want to work for a big bank anymore. This was because she came to the conclusion that when working for a big corporation, you are just a number. However, she desired to be more than that. In 2005, with some money set aside, she ended up getting a license and going out on her own.  In October 2010, tabithanaylor.com began with the goal to help other businesses with marketing. 

Years after starting her marketing business, she started an online magazine. At the time, she was working with a lot of startups. Naylor noticed that often when working with startups the conversations didn’t necessarily concern marketing. In fact, Naylor found that she was hearing the same conversations over and over. Therefore, she decided to take action. Her goal for the magazine was to gather good content that would ultimately help founders scale their businesses.

The Focus of Her Business

Naylor has found herself to be a bigger fan of inbound marketing compared to outbound marketing. This is because she finds that it is less difficult to track. In terms of doing marketing for other businesses, it makes finding how to optimize a campaign easier.  The purpose of outbound marketing is to constantly push out your message. Although this may seem best, it can be both hard to track and target an audience.

Overall, her approach to marketing is that one size does not fit all. For example, e-mail marketing would not be as fitting for a law firm as for an e-commerce site. Therefore, you have to do what works best for your business and tailor your messaging to target your audience. If you find what you are doing doesn’t result in good ROI (return on investment), consider something else. Why would you invest your time or resources on something that isn’t generating good results?

Business Marketing Advice

In working with different businesses, she has noticed some common trends. She believes that businesses should take time to develop their USP (unique selling proposition).  In other words, owners need to think about what makes their business different than the competition. Often, the importance of developing a USP and seeing that it is in line is overlooked.

Also, there is a tendency to skip over creating a customer persona. This step means thinking about specific qualities and the lives of the people you want to reach. Naylor points out that creating a customer persona is important to campaign success.

It is normal for businesses to get competitive and be aggressive. However,  Naylor believes that it is important to strategize. It is important for businesses not to start everything at once. This is because things will not get done in a timely fashion. Also, if businesses start doing everything at the same time, it ends up with everything up in the air. Furthermore, she recommends that businesses focus on building a solid foundation. To do so, it is important to create a step by step plan and focus on executing it. A solid foundation will lead to less backtracking, such as having to redo your business website.

Being a Business Owner

Her journey of being a business owner wasn’t always rewarding. In fact, Naylor admits that she has made mistakes.  For example, she says from a contract perspective, she could have had things more buttoned up. Also, she shares that she could have vetted clients better. During the beginning, she had few businesses who wanted help, so she wasn’t selective. As a result of not being selective, she found herself in bad situations. This left her to deal with some clients who were unprofessional or didn’t pay for work. Therefore, she has worked to take more time to properly vet clients so she didn’t have that trouble anymore.

Additionally, from her experiences, she has discovered what it takes to be a business owner. Particularly, Naylor believes the most important qualities to have as a business owner are dedication and commitment. In fact, she admits that owning a business is not always easy.  Rather, there are plenty of days, months or even years where things don’t go well. At this time, it is easy to get discouraged and want to quit.

Ultimately, there are many positive things about being a business owner. One of Naylor’s favorite things is getting to know her customers. Additionally, she enjoys the fact that what she does helps both large and small clients increase revenue. Naylor is a firm believer that small businesses are the backbone of the country. Also, on a personal note, small businesses have a special place in her heart.

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