If you want to launch a successful fashion brand in today’s world, using social media is not an option; it’s a necessity. As such, you’ll want to make sure that you’re creating those Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles so that everyone knows who you are and what you and your brand stand for. And from there, you can start to build up the following that will hopefully turn you into a fashion juggernaut one day.

But just having social media accounts and posting content is only part of the trick to getting your brand out into the mainstream. As with many endeavors, “timing” can be everything in terms of maximizing your brand’s marketability on social media platforms.

Multiple studies have revealed that there is indeed a science to getting more engagement on social media posts and that that science is closely related to what time of day a person and group posts their content. Plus, depending on which social media sites you’re posting your fashion content on, the optimal posting times may differ.

For example, did you know that weekends are generally great times to post on Facebook but not on Twitter or Instagram? Did you know that some of the best times to get retweeted are in the hour or so right after everyone leaves work on Wednesdays? And did you know that people typically look at their LinkedIn profiles earlier in the day than generally any other social media site?

Also, in terms of posting on social media, knowing who and where your main audience is can help you score big on creating more awareness for your brand as well. For instance: though there are a few big cities on the West Coast, about 80% of the US population lives within the bounds of the Central and Eastern time zones! So if you’re hoping to reach those people from Los Angeles or somewhere else on Pacific time, you might need to work with their time rather than your own.

Want some numbers and tips on when you should post in order to maximize your fashion brand’s social media marketing power? Have a look at our graphics

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