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Doris Raymond, owns a vintage boutique in Los Angeles, California. Her clientele’s shopping experience at The Way We Wore consists of modern vintage fashion. Look at that, world. Doris array of fashion centers around an authentic vintage collection. With a marvelous title like The Way We Wore, this boutique continues to bring something different to the fashion industry. Either way, the title pops without question. According to Doris, she thanks divine intervention for discovering those four small words. On the contrary, a name along still isn’t enough to triumph and rise to the topic. In the fashion world, your collection should speak for itself, but having creditability also helps business wise.

It’s great that Doris has 37 years as a vintage clothing dealer. The collecting came later. At the time, she couldn’t afford to collect. In other words, she had to sell everything she bought. With no partner or support, Doris did all the heavy lifting herself, but what doesn’t kill or discourage you makes a business owner stronger. She’s a New Yorker, so she’s hyperactive. Doris, without a doubt, found her way around the ropes but how? Well, for starters, standing out means embracing your character and style. She loves the unconventional appearance and older beautifully made styles. This vintage professional lives in her own skin. She doesn’t care if the world knows that she’s a hippie at heart. Most importantly, she uses fashion to stand out from the crowd and you can too.

The Skin Your In

As for her establishment, she requires pieces that create a reaction, won’t you? But even with the right apparel, we all know merchandise doesn’t sell themselves, brilliant businesspeople do. You can agree or disagree, but Doris is the perfect example. Not only does her trends look appealing, but she believes they should also feel extremely comfortable. The owner is determined to keep a fresh wardrobe of premium clothing on her racks and shelves.

Not only clothing items but Doris Raymond offers high-quality jewelry and fine accessories on her website as well as in stores. You can purchase items from The Way We Wore and add the perfect accessories to your fashion styles. Doris makes it easy to purchase anything from belts and scarves to gloves and hats at the Way We Wore. Women with bag fetishes, well, you can choose between clutches, purses, or even a luggage to help you prepare for a vocation. Her clutches and purses appear to have a style that catches your eye immediately.

Modern Vintage Fashion

In fashion, we know the importance of looking great from head-to-toe. Go stylish or go home with Doris’s Winter boot collection. Go for a look of sophistication, elegance, power, or sex appeal. Wear a pair of leather slides or platform sneakers designed for support and comfort. Take your pick and for heel lovers, you can check out a pair of Chanel Platform Two-Tone Glitter BLasted Pumps or AlALA Black Perforated Suede pumps. In fact, you can choose to shop by designer or make an appointment for special design services. Surprisingly, fashionistas can also shop by the decade. How traditional and catchy is that? You can decide to shop as far back as 1910 to the 1950s.

Voguely Familiar

Doris has made herself available to a great number of designers and even celebrities. In fact, Doris also launched Voguely Familiar, the online shopping site, secondhand, designer clothing, and accessories for just $99 and under. Doris personally curated the collection herself, so her clientele won’t have to spend all their time searching through racks and bins for the right product. Voguely Familiar is where fashionistas can explore the next big thing. Not to mention, you’re only just a simple click away from Voguely Familiar. Try to imagine Voguely Familar as the little sister The Way We Wore never had but always wanted.

Doris Raymond

Doris is blessed to be able to tap into something she was passionate about ever since her teenage years. And four years later, she’s still as enthusiastic about fashion like she was from the beginning. Moreover, her whole concept is recycling with fashion, which is very essential to her. Someday she hopes to do a talk circuit about appreciating what you have in the not so distant future when she retires. Doris believes she’s at a place where she wants to find the right individual to take over her business. She talks about the importance of having an Internet presence, nowadays. She’s focusing on building and maintaining her website and other social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Work Experience

Although she has a limited educational background, It took Doris less than six months to transform her business ideas into an actual clothing store in 1981. What Doris accomplished in months, it would take an average person a year or more to finalize now. She began her company when there wasn’t many people trying to launch their own fashion company. She did flea markets in North California before launching her business. During the time, she was selling costume jewelry and vintage clothing. Unfortunately, she grew weary of the weather and the loading and unloading process. Generally, working in the flea market motivated her to start her own company.


Doris’s Perspective



All in all, Doris feels like she has a company that’s great for mother-earth. Plus, she loves fashion, and she’s not tied to one trend. However, bohemian is one style that’s forever popular. She believes anyone could wear this style, any size or age. One thing I do know is that she loves simplicity. When she buys merchandise for The Way We Wore, she picks out items intended to make women react.

Generally, she was able to mold her business into what she wanted it to be. Early on, Doris really didn’t have a strong business background. If she could go back, she would have attended basic business classes, but she wouldn’t do everything else differently. On the contrary, she appreciates the business mistakes she made along the way.Mistakes are how we grow and learn. It’s best to learn from experience. She states that rejection is God’s protection, and that goes for business, relationships, predicaments, and/or materialistic things. Doris seems proud of her accomplishments and living out her dream. Not a lot people are able to make their dreams come true. She has a long and beautiful journey. I wonder, who will she choose to continue on with her legacy?

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The Way We Wore
In this article, we discuss the details of Doris Raymond's success story and how The Way We Wore and Voguely Familiar all started. For women that crave modern vintage fashion, The Way We Wore is the Los Angeles boutique to explore. You can purchase merchandise, like vintage clothing, shoes, high-quality jewelry, and accessories from The Way We Wore or Voguely Familar. Doris Raymond, the designer, and collector, is giving you the opportunity to shop by designer. If you appreciate and love unconventional styles and older fashion, then shop by the decade. That’s right ladies. Shoppers have the option to buy styles, dating as far back as 1910 to 1950.

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