Rachel and Nicole are sisters by blood and on good days, by choice. Rachel believes in the power of pink while Nicole believes in the power of anything but pink. With experience using social media platforms like Instagram and Tumblr, and growing their following in the thousands, their story is one of triumph with advice along the way on how to grow your online presence while staying true to yourself and being genuine with your followers.

Podcast Highlights:

Listen to Rachel give her twenty-second elevator pitch about what the sisters have been up to business-wise, and the multiple hats they wear as fashion bloggers who are in the creative industry (1:58).

Listen to the differences and similarities between Rachel and Nicole’s personalities, and how those differences affect the dynamic they have while working (2:27).

Get to know more about Rachel and Nicole’s personality. There playful opinions about one another are incredibly entertaining and go a long way in explaining why age does not always indicate maturity (4:32)

Rachel and Nicole have a unique family dynamic where their mom as a former designer, has always acted as the families honorary stylist. Hear about how their mom geared them towards where they are today, and how their Tumbler blew up thanks to their idea to share their everyday outfits with her online (9:08).

Nicole and Rachel go in-depth into how they use social media as their very own relationship building tool and go into detail to describe how “little bursts” of activists help to drive their following continuously. (15:06)

Fashion bloggers like Nicole and Rachel live in a creative bubble where thinking outside of the box is the only real way to create uniquely beautiful images that leave behind a strong impression in the minds of their followers. Hear about what inspires the content the girl’s form and their opinion on capturing exciting moments in their lives for their followers to see (16:02).

Want to find out more about what the girls do in the first hour of their day? Or what habits they wished they had formed early on in their careers?

What you will learn:

Having different personalities and dynamics in a workplace can make things interesting. Being able to take into account various points of views means you can continuously create new and exciting content, something Rachel and Nicole know too well. Learn about how they’re different personalities within a brand is a plus, and how Nicole and Rachel make it work for them (3:13)

A picture is worth a thousand words. Learn about how a single image of yourself can indicate characteristics of your personality to your audience, and subsequently how you can use this to your brand’s advantage when trying to connect with followers on a more personal level (6:10).

For Rachel and Nicole, having their Instagram page look like an online magazine is key to their success, and one of the reasons they have gained such a huge following. Listen to how they create a strategy for deciding what images they will post on their Instagram to generate a perfect flow of content. From looking at the picture quality to creating images that represent who they are and what they love, the girls have a lot to teach us about how to create unique content that speaks to our audience (7:17).

The advancement of social media platforms means that fashion bloggers not only have Instagram, but most also have a presence in places like Facebook and Tumblr. Although all bloggers should publish content that is geared toward the same theme, it is essential to not just repost your Instagram pictures onto your Facebook and vice-versa. Nicole and Rachel give us tips and tricks for keeping our social media sites flowing together while offering our audience different and engaging images across a wide variety of social media platforms (7:12).

Being tech savvy and creative enough to be able to use a wide range of social media platforms is always an excellent characteristic to have as a fashion blogger. Nicole and Rachel got their start on Tumblr, and with over 200,000 followers, they teach us about how they used cool sharing features and the encouragement of their followers to grow into their Instagram where they have over 11,000 followers (10:50).

Discover the differences between using Instagram, Facebook and Tumblr to grow your brand and interact with your followers as Rachel and Nicole go in depth into what platform they use for what images, and how they decide what images will move from their Facebook to their Instagram (11:37)

Creating a strategy for how to gain a following on your social media sites is essential. Rachel and Nicole teach us about how they use their content to tell an authentic story about who they are and how this allows them to gain followers who feel like their posts cater to their individual needs as fashion lovers. They emphasize the importance of using social media as a relationship building tool (13:30).

Listen below for all the details.


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