Use Longer Tweets With Twitters’ New Character Limits

America’s most famous Twitter user, Donald Trump, must be excited about the social media company’s new formatting. Since 2006, Twitter users were limited to 140 characters. Now, like The Donald and many other celebrities, you can use longer Tweets to take your fashion brand to the next level with additional characters.

According to Twitter, this new upgrade will allow for richer public conversations that are easier to follow. Currently, a test is being conducted allowing some users 280 characters. This double length may lead to some double talk, but in the meantime, for the rest of us, Twitter is at 140 characters.

Why Make Changes to Twitter?

While many people will be excited about the new changes at one of our most influential social media channels, many are finding change is hard. Some Tweeters feel that the 140 character limit forced people to hone their idea down to express it concisely.

The new character upgrade was inspired by how people use Twitter when writing in many of the languages as Asia such as Chinese, Korean and Japanese. By contrast, Roman characters have to work much harder to convey as much meaning—-perhaps this is why Asian cultures use Twitter more frequently.

According to Twitter, the old formatting was not equally restrictive depending on the language in which the Tweet was written. For example, 9% of all Tweets were written in English, while the Japanese could only reach 140 characters 0.4% of the time. But the big win for your fashion brand is that you have longer character limits and you can attach media to your brands’ Tweets without sacrificing precious characters needed to get your message out.

Twitters’ New Look

In addition to character length changes, Twitter is remodeling it’s look too. New for iOS and Android users as well as the web users on the social media platform are some cosmetic changes. They have decluttered the UI or User Interface by adding a sidebar where users can navigate more easily.

Twitter also created clearer typography and iconography. By changing the in-app font, headlines appear bolder and attract more attention in a busy feed. Changing the “reply” button to a conversation bubble makes it less like a back arrow. This helps in eliminating confusion

One of the most noticeable changes is that square profile pictures are now round. Change is never easy, so some Twitter-ers are already complaining as the round profiles are not as versatile as the square images were. Many stated that it’s less visually appealing and that profiles that use, text, logos or QR codes for an avatar aren’t supported as well.

Trouble in Twitterdise?

Some complained to Twitter that the issues they were concerned about were not fixed—such as issues loading up  .GIF videos and the lack of an editing function to correct misspelled or inaccurate Tweets. But according to techradar, Twitters’ Dan Jackson noted that the changes were the services layout were guided by both research and direct feedback from users. A positive change is that “like”, “reply” and “re-tweet” counts each post in real time on mobile apps. This will allow the Twitter followers of your fashion brand to follow your tweets in real-time.

This could lead to some real marketing opportunities for fashion retailers who want to reach their followers in a meaningful way. More good stuff includes the Moments Tab which was moved in January to the Explore Tab which includes Moments, Twitter Trends and Search all in one place.

Moments can allow publishers brands to pull together follower Tweets and Tweets from other users about a topic to tell a story in a collage. Located in a new spot may make it easier for Twitter-ers to engage with your fashion brands’ story. Moments represents a great opportunity to get your brand and it’s story discovered and more importantly…..shared.

Twitter Update Info

Twitter says that they are simplifying the way replies work by moving “scaffolding” of Tweets to display elements so that they no longer count toward the character limit within the Tweet. Being that fashion is a visual industry, the fact that media attachments will also not count toward the character limit is a strong advantage for visual brands like fashion.

So, a URL at the end of Tweets generated from attaching photos, videos, GIF, poll, Quote Tweet, or a Direct Message deep link will not count towards your character limit. This gives you the golden opportunity to direct Twitterers to your brands’ website where they can make purchases.

Some things will remain the same for now, such as the existing numbers of media and the size of attachments. A maximum of four images represented by a single URL, or one GIF, or one video. Links that are added to the Tweet in order to link media attached via the Twitter app or website, or “native links” do not count toward your character limit.

There are going to be restrictions placed on the content of text. This is all part of improving the end user experience by encouraging high quality content. Tweets will be rejected if they exceed the new entity limits, via new API (Application Programming Interface) codes. Now these restrictions will be enforced on all Tweets, regardless of the overall character length. New API and error codes will be introduced due to the new content requirements.

Twitterverse Sweet Twitterverse

While there have been many recent updates and cosmetic changes, Twitter is still familiar. Twitter wants to be the go-to place for when you want to know what’s going on. Keith Coleman, Vice President of Twitter said, “Nobody knew what Twitter was for [in the beginning]”.  Twitter decided to re-brand and remodel itself after years of surveys and research.

During this process, Twitter almost removed their iconic bird logo, but decided it was to unique and had to much personality to change. One thing is for sure, that President Donald Trump is likely to keep Twitter front and center in the daily news cycle ensuring that Twitter is here for the long haul.



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