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Video appears to be quite the undiscovered gem when it comes to the small business world. Just two years ago, only 38 percent of self-employed businesses used YouTube. Therefore, it can be the perfect way to separate yourself from the competition.

Types of Video Content

Q&A Sessions

It can be exhausting to need to come up with content that will interest your audience week after week. Not only that, but you want to do something unique, which can lead to frustration. Luckily, your content ideas don’t always need to come from a secret source.


 1. Gets Rid of Guesswork

 By asking your audience directly what they want to hear it takes the guesswork out of your content planning. You won’t need to wonder what your audience wants to hear because they’ve told you. Be sure to only answer questions that are relevant to continue to build your authority in the field. Furthermore, getting the opinions of your audience can help even when you answer all of the questions they had. For example, you may find that an idea that one person has actually gives you your own idea for further content.

2. Builds Your Authority

Would you pay someone to paint your house if they had no experience painting? It really just wouldn’t make any sense. Quite simply, people want services, products and information from reliable sources. Otherwise, it is just a waste of their time and/or money. What better way to show your knowledge in the field then sharing relevant information with them?

3. Provides Future Content Ideas

Even if the first response is a perfect subject, make a list of the other questions for future content. Also, the question you address may lead viewers to ask additional questions. This can result in follow-up videos which show you are paying attention to comments. Therefore, this one time of asking for help can make your content planning easier in the long run.

Videos About Your Business

While you have text on your website that talks about your business services, it just doesn’t always do justice. If you have several services or programs your business provides, making this kind of a video is a must.


1. Lets You Tell Your Story

By telling your story, you establish a connection with your audience. Consider sharing how you got started in business or why you picked the store location. This allows people to put a face to a business name, giving it a more personal feel. Sharing what your mission is can be a great emotional appeal. Make your audience feel a part of something bigger. What does buying from you or using your services mean to you? Do you donate any money to charity? If people feel inspired by your story, they might talk about you to others.

2. Lets Them See What You’re Talking About

You can say that your business and programs are awesome, but can you prove it? Of course, you think your business is awesome but do outsiders? You can talk about what makes you different or awesome, or you could show people. If you run a variety of classes, consider recording them to interest others. First of all, it can be a visual of how interesting or fun the class is to current customers.

3. Content That No One Can Duplicate

In terms of content, are you just following ideas from other businesses doing the same thing as you? It is rather easy to find something that makes your business different. Whether it be your motivation for starting your business or your goals, it’s you and your team. Consider what your team has that makes a service or product that many different businesses have stand out.

How-To Videos

Visual examples can always be helpful when trying to learn how to do something. There are many videos online that teach people about subjects such as technology or putting products together. What advice do you have that you can share with your audience?


1. Develop A Need For Your Brand

How can you make your audience listen to what you have to say? One for sure way to do this is to think about current trends. People are always interested in learning about what is popular so that they can be caught up. If there is a new trend that has to do with your business field, take a chance teach about it. This develops an interest because people will know you will teach them what they need to know. For example, if you have a fashion brand, you could talk about getting one’s winter wardrobe ready.

2. Shows You’re Not Just About Making Money

This type of video gives the impression to viewers that you are not always trying to sell them something. As a result, it shows that you are a trusted authority in your field. People often become unsure about those who always seem to be giving a sales pitch. Not only that, but sales pitches are annoying to listen to after a short time. Therefore, it is important to give not only relevant information but also free information.

3. It Already Has The Attention

The best way to get your audience’s interest is to find how they consume their information. This type of video is quite popular with 91 percent of smartphone users watching how-to videos.  Of course, it’s completely okay to have fun with this idea in relation to your business. What do you think people need help with that they might not have thought about?

Live Streams

If you want to gain attention, you need to work around what your target audience is interested in. Similar to how-to videos, live stream videos are a popular way that audiences get information. Social media outlets are catching onto this with both YouTube and Facebook allowing for users to live stream videos.


1. Gives Your Business an Active Presence

Staying current is a must in the fight to win attention over your competitors. With how fast things move, your business will be lost in the dust if you don’t stay up-to-date. Keep your audience in the know with this type of video and make them feel included. You can’t expect to keep audience attention if you aren’t up to anything. While it may be interesting for people to know what you’ve done in the past, it’s now that really matters.

2. Builds Interest in Events

This could be for promoting an event in the community or even something in-store. If you are at a community event that lasts several days, show people what is going on. You can use this type of video to try and get more people to attend and learn more about you.

When thinking of in-store live streams, consider promoting events, such as Small Business Saturday.  Before the actual day, show your audience that you are slashing prices or getting new items. At this time, allow customers to ask questions about your sales so they know what to expect.

3. Doesn’t Require Much Preparation

Although it is always good to go into everything with some sort of plan, things happen. If you aren’t the one to think of things ahead of time, this might just be the answer for you. It can be beneficial at times to not have a script you’re reading from when addressing your audience. In this way, you don’t sound like a robot but rather a human interacting with people.  This can make people feel more connected to your business establishing a personal connection.

Advice for Video Marketing

1. Have a Schedule

Creating a video involves several steps which make it more of a process than other forms of content creation. Therefore, be sure to plan ahead and choose target dates.  In the beginning, pick a date that you will upload the video. This will help you decide on other important dates. For example, if the video is going to answer an audience question when you will select one. Don’t keep your audience waiting for too long, or you will seem irrelevant. The longer you wait to film and release your video, your audience will seek answers elsewhere.

2. Keep it Short and Sweet

While you think your video is important and interesting, is a ten-minute video the best idea? There are so many things going on and people simply get bored. In fact, people have a shorter average attention span than goldfish. So how can you work around this problem?

If you have a subject that covers a lot of information, make a series of shorter videos.  This allows viewers to watch the video they find most relevant to them. Also, it provides an easier way for viewers to know where they left off on the subject. This strategy also makes it easy to build up a strong presence on YouTube, for example.

3. Spread the Word

This is something that you should do in the beginning, middle and end of the process. At the start, create a buzz that you are coming up with some great stuff for your audience. If you need an idea tell them you want to help them but need input.

When you choose a question and begin making the video, announce it. If you plan to have different people answer questions, tell them who will be answering for the video. Letting your audience know about progress is a great way to show you are keeping busy. Furthermore, it shows you aren’t ignoring what they had to say.

If you aren’t excited about what you did, why should anyone else be? Once you finish recording and upload your video, talk about it like it’s a big deal. If you upload the video to YouTube, be sure to share a link on Facebook or other platforms. This is great for those who do not follow you on all social media that you have added new content.

When you have a business you need to raise awareness to bring your target audience to your brand. By using video, you are using something people are already interested in to get them interested in you.



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