Is Buying a Wig Right for You?

I know what you’re thinking “why would I wear a wig when I’ve got a perfectly healthy head of hair?” It seems weird I know but it’s so worth it. Think of all the times you woke up and your hair was a mess. Think of all the money you’ve spent getting your hair done. I cringe thinking of all the money I spent dyeing my hair from brown to red to black to blonde. So much time sweating in the salon chair questioning your existence.

Is it actually going to turn out like the picture I showed the stylist? How blonde is too blonde? Should I really be dyeing my hair black against my stylist’s wishes? How long is this going to take? Finally, after hours of staring at the unflattering image in the mirror, you get a look at the final product. On a scale of one to ten, how happy are you with the outcome?

I’m having flashbacks to the few times I’ve thought “this is not as good as I’d hoped.” What do you do then? I can’t bring myself to complain. They spent hours working on it. So you wait a couple of months waiting for it to grow out or for the color to wash out and try again. It could take months to get to that ideal color. I’m still not there yet and it’s been a year.

Now, I know wigs are expensive, but so are extensions. Bellami has extensions from $100 to $400 depending on hair length and thickness. It’s a lot of money. But some salons charge $200 just for color. Doesn’t it seem smarter to invest in a good wig so you can change it up a couple days a week? Some of us are trying to go blonde and we’re well aware how much that bleach is killing our hair. And some of us are indecisive and like to change our hair every few months.

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There are many things to consider, although there are many places online that sell wigs always make sure it’s a legitimate site. Bellami is a well-known brand with a lot of variety. Looking through the human hair wigs can be shocking and painful but it’s also magical. So maybe it’s not the smartest to spend the money you saved for your car payment or rent on a $300-$800 human hair wig, I get it. But at least they’re kind enough to give customers the opportunity to pay it off in small payments of $27-$71 a month. 

Instead of lying to your friends that you can’t go out this weekend. You’ll have a good excuse for a couple of months. “Sorry, can’t spend any money this week, my wig payment is coming up.” They probably won’t believe you but when they see that flawless wig they’ll understand why you’re paying it off like it’s the best investment you’ve ever made.

As a college student, I think I’d have to sit through an hour lecture for spending my money so irrationally. So Bellami has thought of it all, they have synthetic wigs that are equivalent to the cost of a college textbook. Pink, white, blue, brunette, and blonde they’ve got it all. $100-$150 or $14 a month. Seems like a steal honestly. I don’t know about you but the 24” blonde wig is calling my name. You’ll probably have to watch a couple of YouTube videos on how to put the wig cap on but you’ve got plenty of time to practice when you’ve got your wig payment excuse every month.

They Won’t Look Twice

Wigs and clip-ins have been around for a long time but it’s no longer a cause for embarrassment like it used to be for some women. Wigs are accessories. If you follow Kylie Jenner on Snapchat you’ve probably seen her large collection of wigs. The trend is much bigger than most would expect. According to IBISWorldHuman hair wigs and hairpieces are forecast to comprise 38.4% of total revenue in 2017”. Wigs have come a long way most of the time they look so real you wouldn’t even look twice. It certainly helps that celebrities have made them so popular. Zendaya often sports a pixie cut wig on the red carpet and Kylie Jenner has worn a colorful wig on more than one occasion.

It’s not just the big celebrities that are wearing them, it’s become a popular trend among YouTubers. YouTuber Chrisspy often changes up her look. A quick scroll through her Instagram will give you an idea of her large collection of wigs. YouTuber Nicole Guerriero also has a large collection of wigs, you can find a few pictures of her wearing a wig on her Instagram although it may take more scrolling than Chrisspy’s page.

Her wigs are not only used to spice up a look but also included in her incredible Halloween tutorials. She’s even made a video on how to make your wig look more natural and touches on some of the points I made above. In the video, she links to the wig she is using which is only $31! The reviews on the wigs are great and there are even pictures of customers wearing them in different shades. You’d never know it was a wig. So maybe you can cancel your next hair appointment which will definitely be more expensive than $40. Get new hair without breaking your hair and the bank.

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Wearing a Wig Isn’t Just for Movie Stars and Halloween Costumes
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